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Extractions and Bone Graft

Extractions and Bone Graft services offered in Gardner, Paxton and Northborough, Northborough, MA

If you or a loved one needs tooth extractions or bone grafts, rely on the dental professionals at the Family Dental Group in Gardner, Paxton, and Northborough, Massachusetts. The expert dental team offers services to restore and perfect a gorgeous smile. Call the office to learn more about extractions and bone grafts, or use the online booking feature to request an appointment today.

What are extractions and bone grafts?

Extractions and bone grafts are minor dental procedures that reduce your risk of oral health complications and make you a candidate for dental implants in the future.


Tooth extractions at the Family Dental Group are dental procedures in which your dentist removes a natural tooth from its socket. They might need to extract a tooth for many reasons, including severe tooth decay, extreme tooth damage, tooth crowding, and impacted wisdom teeth.

Bone grafts

Bone grafts strengthen and add volume to a weak jawbone. Your jawbone can lose volume due to gum disease or aging. The procedure inserts natural or synthetic bone materials to increase bone growth, making you a candidate for dental implants that replace missing permanent teeth.

What are the benefits of extractions and bone grafts?

Tooth extractions and bone grafts offer many benefits for your oral health. Bone grafts provide an opportunity to receive fixed artificial teeth, filling in gaps left by extracted or missing permanent teeth. Tooth extraction removes teeth associated with decay, crowding, and pain.

Are extractions and bone grafts right for me?

The Family Dental Group team discusses your oral health history, asks about your symptoms, and examines your gums and teeth to determine if you’re a candidate for extractions and bone grafting. They take dental X-rays to evaluate your jawbone and teeth that haven’t come in.

What should I expect during extractions and bone grafts?

During extraction or bone grafting, your dentist numbs the treatment area and offers a sedative to relax you. They make a tiny incision to remove a tooth or insert bone grafting materials into your jaw. In some cases, you’ll need extractions and bone grafts. Your dentist then closes the incisions and lets you know what to expect during the healing process.

What happens after my treatment?

Your dentist determines the next best steps after you complete extractions and bone grafting. After healing, you might receive dental implants with crowns, bridges, or dentures. Your specialist could suggest Invisalign® or braces to straighten crooked teeth.

It’s important to schedule routine dental exams every six months (or more often if needed) to maintain excellent dental health.

Schedule an appointment at the Family Dental Group by phone or request one online today to learn more about extractions and bone grafts and determine if these treatments are right for you.