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Periodontal and Preventative Treatments

Periodontal and Preventative Treatments services offered in Gardner, Paxton and Northborough, Northborough, MA

Periodontal and preventive treatments can help keep your teeth, gums, and smile healthy. At the Family Dental Group in Gardner, Paxton, and Northborough, Massachusetts, the team of general dentists offers complete periodontal and preventive treatments to people of all ages. After an oral exam and digital X-rays, the team makes personalized care recommendations. Call the nearest office to learn more about periodontal and preventive treatments, or book your appointment online today.

What are periodontal and preventive treatments?

Periodontal and preventive treatments help keep your mouth healthy:

Periodontal treatments

Periodontal treatments manage gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Procedures like scaling, root planing, and antibiotic therapy can kill harmful bacteria and stop the infection from spreading.

Preventive treatments

Preventive treatments aim to stop potential oral health problems when they’re easiest to treat. For example, regular checkups at the Family Dental Group alert you to cavities or gum disease before they become more serious problems.

What periodontal and preventive treatments are available?

The Family Dental Group team offers various periodontal and preventive treatments, including:

Teeth cleaning

Teeth cleaning uses a dental laser to remove plaque –– a mixture of food, saliva, and bacteria –– from the surfaces of your teeth and beneath your gums. It’s essential to schedule regular teeth cleanings, even if you brush and floss regularly.

Oral X-rays

Oral X-rays use digital sensors to take detailed photos of your tooth roots, jaw, and alveolar bone (which supports your upper teeth). They diagnose oral health problems that are invisible to the eye, like deep decay or bone loss.

Oral cancer screening

Your dentist might recommend an oral cancer screening if you use tobacco, drink alcohol excessively, or have family risk factors. If the team finds anything unusual, they collect a biopsy and send it to a lab for analysis.

Scaling and root planing

Your dentist might recommend scaling and root planing if you have periodontitis –– severe gum inflammation.

During treatment, your provider uses a dental laser to scale (remove) plaque buildup from the surfaces of your teeth. They then smooth (or plane) your tooth roots, allowing your gums to reattach.

Antibiotic therapy

Sometimes, scaling and root planing aren’t enough to eliminate bacterial infection. Antibiotic therapy uses implantable beads or oral medications to kill harmful bacteria and prevent the infection from getting worse.

Gum graft surgery

The Family Dental Group team might recommend gum graft surgery for receding gums. This procedure involves your dentist removing a piece of tissue from the roof of your mouth and stitching it over your receding gums.

Which periodontal and preventive treatments might benefit me?

Your Family Dental Group provider reviews your dental records, completes an oral exam, and takes digital X-rays. Then, they use this information to make personalized treatment recommendations.

Call the nearest Family Dental Group office to schedule periodontal and preventive treatments, or request an appointment online today.