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White Composite Fillings

White Composite Fillings services offered in Gardner, Paxton and Northborough, Northborough, MA

If you have one or several cavities, white composite fillings can repair your tooth enamel and prevent more damage. At the Family Dental Group in Gardner, Paxton, and Northborough, Massachusetts, the team of general dentists uses white composite fillings to repair minor cavities, prevent infection, and keep smiles healthy. Call the nearest office to see if you can benefit from white composite fillings, or book your appointment online today.

What are white composite fillings?

White composite fillings are dental restorations applied to the chewing surfaces of your teeth. They repair minor damage or decay and strengthen your teeth.

White composite fillings are made of strong, durable plastics. These materials are matched to the shade of your natural tooth enamel, ensuring the filling looks natural and blends with your smile.

What are the benefits of white composite fillings?

White composite fillings offer several benefits compared to traditional metal fillings.

They blend in with your teeth and have a natural appearance. Whenever you open your mouth, yawn, speak, or laugh, you can do so confidently. What’s more, composite fillings are tough and fracture resistant. They can withstand the general wear-and-tear of routine biting and chewing.

Composite fillings are versatile, and the Family Dental Group team uses them to repair minor flaws and more severe damage.

What’s the process for getting white composite fillings?

Getting a white composite filling takes 60-90 minutes, sometimes less.

Your Family Dental Group provider completes an oral exam and uses a shade guide to find the color of composite resin that best matches your tooth enamel. They then administer a local anesthetic and use a dental laser to remove the decaying part of your tooth.

Your dentist rinses your tooth with an antiseptic solution, eliminating harmful bacteria and flushing the remaining debris. They carefully apply the composite resin solution to the top of your tooth, one layer at a time. Your dentist waits for the resin to dry after applying each layer to ensure the best results.

Your dentist shapes and polishes your tooth after the final layer of composite resin dries. Then, they check your bite to ensure the filling is comfortable and provide aftercare instructions.

How long do white composite fillings last?

White composite fillings last 5-7 years, but you can extend their life with good oral hygiene. The Family Dental Group team recommends:

  • Brushing your teeth twice daily
  • Flossing regularly
  • Not biting on hard objects like ice cubes and hard candy
  • Wearing a mouthguard if you grind your teeth or play sports

In addition, visit the Family Dental Group every six months for teeth cleaning and an oral exam.

Call the nearest Family Dental Group office to see if you can benefit from white composite fillings, or book your appointment online today.